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Firewood Logs for wood fired Pizza Ovens and Chimeneas in Leeds

from Garforth Logs

A wood fired pizza oven is designed with a domed top in either metal or brick. The dome shape helps to store heat and distribute it to the right places around the oven. The heat is mainly spread across the roof (dome) of the oven, with the floor of the pizza oven remaining a little cooler, thus allowing for the perfect Pizza!

The best wood to use in your home pizza oven is kiln dried wood. The wood needs to be very dry so that it burns very hot and gets the oven to the correct temperature to be able to cook the Pizza. Using Kiln dried wood in your Pizza oven also ensures a reduced amount of smoke and therefore doesn’t flavour the Pizza too excessively. (although you may want to experiment!)

For the perfect Pizza you need a very hot pizza oven with very little smoke, which is why using Kiln dried logs in your Pizza oven is perfect!

Get in touch today to order your kiln dried logs for your wood fired pizza oven and start enjoying the perfect al fresco dining experience.

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